Wood Tool Box And How To Make It

In case you need to carry some tools around for some time, having a Wood tool box is the best option since you can easily see the tool you need.  The plumbers use these boxes since pipe wrenches look long and they can be awkward to be carried out. Before you build the tool box, you need to be aware of what you want to carry with your box. You should base yourself on the length of the tools while deciding on the lengths of the tool box.  You need only to have six pieces of the wood for your toolbox, a bottom piece, end pieces, sidepieces and dowel of the handle.

Start by choosing clean and good boards.  You may need to look into the pile so that you may get good board that does not have the knots. You need to look for the boards that have clean and nice edges.  Cut the boards according to the size of the Wood tool box you want.  You can lie down the toolbox to make sure that they can fit easily.

Look for square lumber and if there is anything out of the ordinary, you should be aware that it will show on the toolbox. You can use the brace to put different parts together or you may use a bit in making a cordless drill. You can attach the pieces using bottom board   and make sure that the screws are put in the middle of the bottom board. After screwing the parts together, you may apply the glue at the bottom of the board. After attaching the side pieces, you should also add a dowel. The size of the dowel should be the same size as the bottom board. Use the glue to hold the dowel in one place.  Before adding the top to the toolbox, you may use the finish on it to avoid being damaged by water.