Not Recommended Materials for Your Bathroom

Blue Linoleum Bathroom Flooring

You want to make your bathroom a wonderful, peaceful and healthy place to be, there are lots of things you need to avoid. Your bathroom does not only need to be decorated perfectly but also need to be a healthy place for you to take shower. There are lots of things that can stand on your way to make your bathroom cozy, neat and healthy environments. You are going to learn them through the not recommended materials for your bathroom which this article is about to provide to you.
While other parts of your home may need carpet in order to look neat, comfortable and amazing, your bathroom is just an exception. The truth is that you will not only find carpet in your bathroom difficult to clean but also impossible. For that reason, within a short while your carpet will collect moisture and condensation underneath. This can result to mildew on your floor leading to irritating moldy smell.
Laminate Floor with Unglued Seam
It is obvious that you do not want uncomfortable and smelling bathroom. For that reason, you should avoid installing laminate floor with unglued seam. Being gap in between seam is open and porous water can easily suck into your floor through there. For that reason, you will have to deal with smelly and uncomfortable bathroom.
Solid wood
You can use solid wood in flooring other parts of your home to enjoy its fantastic look, it is not recommended for your bathroom. The solid wood will attract excess moisture underneath which will make it to crack or even warp within a short time. So, you should stay away from Tongue, parquet and groove in your bathroom flooring.
It is truth Linoleum will repel water more than hardwood due to their oily surface, the problem is that water can easily get into under the tiles to form dam through gap in the seam. That means you should not use linoleum for your bathroom flooring.