Paint Shades we’re In Love With in 2016

While most people are still happy with the current design trend of home paint, some enthusiasts are already thinking of the paint shades that will possibly capture mind of people come year 2016. So, you will find out more about paint shades we’er in Love with in 2016 just through the content of this article. Some of the lovely colors that will make it in the world of decor are going to be explained here.

The Sherwin-Williams Color Mix for 2016

This color shade is divided into four different parts. The first is Mas Amour which will come with greens blended with cheeky pinks. The next one is Trajectory which featuring icy blues, sophisticated plums, sparkling pewter as well as other mesmerizing hues offered in eye-catching gloss finishes. Another one is going to be Pura Vida coming with natural materials improved and sheers. The last in the list is Nouveau which is coming with olive mixed with denim and others.

The Benjamin Moore Paint Shades For 2016

As for Benjamin Moor paint shades, everything is expected to be kept simple, elegant and concise in the color shades. White is mainly used to create subtle shade and beauty in design. It is going to provide decorators and designers with splash pop of great and enticing colors for their design. The white wall will be combined with Ice mist to assist in managing space in interior decor.

The Color Shades of Behr for the Year 2016

For 2016 Behr color shades are mainly to engage users with perfect sense of touch, smell and sight. The shades are perfectly combined with best strength and lightness. That will give any room a suiting and elegant look. Creamy painted walls are expected to be among the best color shades that will make it into the world of decoration come year 2016.