Crown Molding Shelf Is Easy To Make

You can make a crown molding shelf as far as you have information and the right materials. It is a cheap project but it takes some time. You can make few shelves using different lengths with the stagger at them. There are many types of the crown molding that you can use. It will depend on how you wish the final shelf to look like. In case you are looking to stain it, to lacquer it and to leave it like it is, you can go for the mold that looks like solid wood.  If you are not looking to paint it, you should use a crown molding which is already painted like the one that found in the recycling.

It is easy to build the shelf. You put together two scrap pieces one at the top and the other at the back. You can then attach them one to another by the use of the pocket holes. When the shelf had been already constructed, you should start working on the challenging part of the project which is using crown molding.

You will get the diagram on how you can cut on the inside with outside in proper way. For the reasons of building the shelf, you will need to use three different pieces of the crown molding and it should be large enough to be over the length of shelving board and these two pieces are known as return stops.  Only two types of the corner cuts are required to be used, there is an outside right and the outside left.  You should use adhesive to put crown molds together and add some tape to hold the crown pieces so that they do not shift. When the adhesive had dried at a crown molding, you should fit them in the shelving boards. After joining everything together, you can paint and prime the shelf before you hang it with nails.