Crown Molding Lighting And How To Make It

The use of the crown molding lighting combines the architectural interest of the crown molding with the soft glow for the indirect lighting and it can be around one wall or around the entire room. Doing this project is not that difficult since it is like the standard installation of crown molding. The only thing required is to try to fix the molding tightly on the ceiling and to ripe the nailer strip like an additional step but this is an easy task in case you own a table saw. You should paint inside of the lighting so that you can maximize the light output from expensive rope lighting. It is easy to paint since you should apply it before fixing other components.

Paint and prime the lumber which you will be using for the nailing strips. You can apply the identical finish at the back of the crown molding and tilt the table saw blade so that it can match the spring angle on the crown molding. You have to make the cuts by the use of the painted side of the board against the table and return the blade to vertical angle and slice off the angled nailing strips. Decide on the measurements and mark them using a chalk like.

Use a stud finder to mark all the places where the studs are. Put switched electrical outlet on a convenient location where it should be. Continue with the installation of the crown molding and but the backside against the strip while nailing it in the right place. Make a cutline where the rope lighting will pass through. Get rid of the waste against the butt fitted pieces by using a fine tooth saw with a chisel. There is no need to make a pretty cut since it cannot be seen. You should then turn the power on so that you can admire the effects of the light.