Window Frame Mirror And How To Install It In Different Places

Adding the window frame mirror will change how your room looks such as the shape, hanging height, frame design and the size. However there are some things that you may have to consider while planning to have the mirrors into a space. The key to the success in the decoration of your home using the mirrors is to know how to use the mirrors well in the room.

There are many options of the window frame mirror according to what you want to achieve. A miniature wood framed mirror is the best choice if you wish to accent the primate and rustic décor in your home. If you are looking to have mirrors in the window, it is good if you start by measuring such window. This is to ensure that you are not buying a mirror which is big for the frame. Another consideration is to know the height that the mirror has to be hanged on. The rule of thumb is that a mirror center has to be over 5 feet away of the floor.

There are many things that you will have to consider while looking for the size of the window mirror. Where you wish to put the window mirror has also to be considered, if the mirror will be over a buffet, mantle or a sofa, it has to be small. However, if you are looking to make the most impact, you should go for a large window frame mirror.  If the window is in the bathroom, it can cover the entire wall but if it is in the entryway, it should be small. Large mirrors are the best tool you can use to fill larger walls but the mirrored sets may make a unique focal point over the console, mantel and couch table.  The tall mirror window may accentuate a higher ceiling.