The Best Decorative Bathtubs Ideas For Your Bathroom

Bathtub, perhaps, the most important piece of bathroom equipment and a decor in a bathroom. It would be too precipitate to ignore it during creation of interior design of your space. The general interior of all room depends on the choice of a bathroom. Look at a small selection of decorative bathtubs, each of which is capable to turn the simple functional room into magnificent space with unique design. Such bathtubs various on color, style and design, will fit both in classical, and into vanguard interiors.
Each design of a bathroom in a certain stylistic direction is allocated with the features at the choice of a bathtub.
Modernist style: finishing by a tile, color contrast, without excess jewelry, smoothness of lines, a large number of mirrors.
Country: flower drawings, natural materials, natural color and structure.
Classical style: carved patterns, frescos, natural wood and bronze, massive chandeliers, porcelain sinks, mirror frame gold curls.
East style: light shades, a tile with structure of a tree, a bamboo, suspended sanitary objects.
Mediterranean style: light tone, sea subject, high ceilings.
Hi-tech: a ceramic tile for finishing, objects from glass and metal, furniture from plastic or metal, a form of the extended rectangles, dot lighting.
Minimalism: a furniture minimum, without decor, multilevel l