Old Window Frames Are Upgradable

If you own a house with old window frames made in wood, they can be valuable item on your house but they are misunderstood most of the time. Some people who find that the frames have missing pieces, they decide to replace the entire window. People may choose to replace the window because of the aggressive marketing of new windows, worrying about chipping lead paint, energy-inefficient and leaky or inoperable windows.

However, if you have old frames, you should remember the following. The frames are repairable since the old historic wood windows were designed in the way that they can be repaired easily. Every individual piece is replaced or repaired on its own by a local tradesman or a homeowner.

The window are upgradable, if the old windows did not have weather stripping, you can easily add them so that you may increase their efficiency. They are simple to maintain since the only thing you need is to paint them so that you can keep them safe or protected for a long period. The frame are resilient since they were made by the use of the old growth lumber window and they may last for many centuries contrary to the replacement windows that can be obsolete in few years.

Now that you understand that it is easy to repair the old window frames, the second step is to learn how to repair them. However, sometime you may consider replacing the entire window, if the window has only a single pane, if it is hard to operate or if it is leaky.  You can choose from new windows that have new technology and which bring reduced energy bills and the cost of repainting every year. However, you have to know that choosing the window is something complicated since you should be careful so that you can buy the windows that will help you to solve the problems you have without creating new problems.