The Interior Design of Largest Houses in the World

The exterior description of the largest houses in the world has caused lots of stirs on the internet but nothing much has been said about the interior decor. The Antilia is the first in the list of world’s largest houses occupying 568-foot square and contains 27- floor loaded with ludicrous and spectacular amenities. This house is known to be as tall as 60 stories but Indian richest man Ambani choose to make it just 27-floors with each floor being 2-3 times higher than a standard flour. The biggest house in the world is decorated with most exquisite dining areas, snow room and oodles of libraries.

The Floors, Ceilings and the Windows of Biggest How in the World

While taking a look at the interior designs of biggest houses ever in the whole wide world, it was discovered that Antilia is built with highest quality flooring system and the ceiling is designed in an amazing and captivating way. The windows were perfectly shaped and window frames were made out of highest quality aluminum. In fact, many of the rooms in this wonderful and biggest home are known to look similar to the entrance hall of a 5 star hotel. This information is based on the report of Vanity Fair.

Contents of Largest Homes in the World

Exquisite and stunning are two words that can only explain the interior decoration of the world biggest houses. Among the contents of this great house include. Ballroom, ice room, a spa, theatre terraced gardens, Hindu prayer room as well as guest suits. In fact, interior of Antilia is a leisure space for better pleasurable experience. Virtually, all parts of the interior decor were made with touch of class and realism. So, apart from the architectural part of the house, another thing that added to its worth is that stunning decor in the interior.