The Interior Design of Strangest Houses in the World

19-story residential building in Guangzhou covered by green plants

Since the history of humankind, people have moved from one pattern of shelter to another. This ranges from caves, huts, castles to flat with many blocks. Some have even go ahead to put up a house with exceptional and strange look through architectural work. Angra do Reis in Brazil is among the strangest house in the world today. This outstanding magnum opus appears just like a large flower comprises of six petals. The petals are made to cover separate parts of the rooms. The house equally comes with rounded swimming pool which moves round the house to converge in a small pond loaded with vegetables and fish. The uniqueness of this house can be linked to the work of the architectural firm Patalano and Marelines in making the interior decor absolutely free from hallways with ample space and elegance.
The Everingham Rotating Strange House Design
The topic of strange house designs cannot be completed without making mention of Everingham Rotating House. It is an octagonal house designed to rotate full 360 degree just by touching some buttons. This wonderful house is built with 32 beam wheels powered by two 500-watt electric motor. The motor is used to spin the house complete 360 degree for about 30 minutes or even up to 2 hours. The house is equally designed with geothermal heating which help to maintain the temperature f the house at 71.6 F. The interior of this great and unusual spinning house is made in perfect and amazing way.
The Wired Shaped Houses and Their Interior Design
The Nautilus is among the wired shaped houses in the world. It is designed in seashell-shape. The step is designed with stones which go alone the shrub out to the front door of the house blending perfectly to the assortment façade. This house was designed with perfect architectural skill known as bio-architecture. He look of this house is similar to shell of a crustacean. The interior is made carnivorous in nature with oodles of small trees and vegetables.

We present you the strangest houses in the world here.